Sarajevo Backcountry

The new Youtube channel “All Over The Place“, it kinda acts as a counter-balance to this blog: Entries over here are mostly triggered by serious and upsetting incidents, situations, or developments. I may be able to give things a positive spin, rather than indulging in bleak and somewhat gloomy analysis about the state of affairs of peace and security, but still… Writing here has been less about easy and delightful stuff.

Yet, that easy and delightful stuff happens. But even when I try to capture it, I am left with the impression that my voice is too serious, and the text isn’t funny enough. Okay, that’s my perception, I am not sure viewers would agree. So, within this effort to grow content, I have finally decided to let the Youtube Channel “All Over The Place” go online.

“All Over The Place” is meant proverbial, putting my futile efforts on notable events happening during my Vanlife out there. But it is not only my Vanlife: My cat friend Tigger is my permanent companion.

“All Over The Place” may also reflect on things that happen inside myself. There are lots of little projects, until now none of them worth sharing. I am working on finding a style how to make thoughts on my fields of interest visible, and interesting to watch.

“Practice, practice, practice”, nothing else will lead to proficient mastering of skills. Whether it is in the field of my professional interests, or on how to handle my teeny tiny fancy drone, or how to make and to edit a video.

In any case: I will give up hesitation and try to let go of anticipated shame, for amateurish results. Here is my work on a travel which I did on occasion of my staying in Sarajevo this week. I revisited Sarajevo’s backcountry. Have been there with my mountain bike years ago. Came back with my Campervan, and Tigger, of course.

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