essays on policing

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Experimental logo, copyright by the author, generated with OpenAI’s DALL-E (, asking for “A logo for policing”. See: It is not so easy to symbolise the functions which are carried out by the Police. Rather, I got a Police logo. But, interesting it is. I am not in any “thought processes” of an AI-algorithm designed to paint pictures on input requests formulated in natural language (try it out yourself, it is amazing!), nor would I know from which repository the elements for this suggested logo have been drawn, I can only do an associative interpretation. What comes to my mind is the double boundary, or the boundary also reflecting the universal “police blue”. A boundary would indicate that “police”, and what they do, sits “inside a system”. It symbolises a function, or a force, projected to have an inside impact. Which is interesting in that sense that my essays also will cover the integration of police capacities outside, so to speak, in peace operations abroad. So, aside of supra-national police cooperation, and shared policing functions beyond nation states, there is the other aspect of my international work: The integration of policing functions, either in substitution of domestic capacities which have broken down, or proven to be part of the problem (the conflict or war), or the international assistance to the re-establishment of policing functions in a post-conflict society. My essays will make the case that these functions are deeply interwoven, if they are supposed to work as intended.