Standing united – standing up – speaking up

I am standing united with those who call the violence and the manslaughter in Charlottesville as what it is: The horrible and ugly face of white supremacists, nazis, and hateful far-right populists. At least some reason appears to be on the side of those who have a responsibility to unite, and to condemn, rather than taking sides in insidious ways: Sending an ambiguous message appeasing the far-right, from which they always can retract and blame "fake news", that's how it always began. Armageddon's hell hounds and their ideological manipulators need to be put back into the box, here, and worldwide, and now.

Since too long people ask how much worse it can get. I still refuse to believe that it may be too late. I can't stand any longer hearing voices that tone it down, and say that democracy is more vigilant than meets the eye. I have seen it too often that people wake up when it's too late.

We have a responsibility to not accept, and to speak the truth, otherwise history repeats itself. Violence and hate only create violence and hate. Democracy and humanity require active participation and protection. Kristallnaach was possible because of the silence of the many.

One thought on “Standing united – standing up – speaking up

  1. “The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults” – De Tocqueville’s democracy is ailing and there are no safety valves in the IR system which could block the spread of the symptoms. The slide of human values in certain segments of the USA is particularly disturbing – and sobering – for those of us in the Balkans who used to regard “America as our furture and our beacon of hope”.
    Thankfully, history never repeats, unless as a comedy. Humanity has been learning to learn. Europe has been a diligent learner in the past five decades.


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