Rape as a Weapon of War

Global Consilium


When we discuss war, we cannot help but to think of the obvious and the inevitable: casualties, weapons, destruction, pain, winners and losers. Yet, how much time do we actually spend looking at the direct victims of war?

Throughout history, rape victims have been often overlooked. One of the main causes why rape has remained shadowed and unacknowledged has been due to the lack of documentation and reports on cases of rape. For the most part, rape has gone unnoticed by the world and criminals remain unprosecuted by the authorities.

Truth be told, in many parts of the world rape has been used as a weapon of war. Like grenades, atomic bombs or machine guns, raping became a tool to destroy the enemy, the “Other”. Unlike any other weapon of war; however, rape leaves an indelible mark and unprecedented wounds to its victims. Needless to say, these wounds go beyond…

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