Every journey has a beginning

So, this is it:

Today, I finished brushing up the initial design that I want to use, setting up the About-page, establishing security, what ever.

Yesterday, I finally decided to run a personal blog on those topics that define a good portion of my life. My experiences with, and within peace operations. My experiences with assisting in the establishment of sound, impartial, fair, accountable, humane, security and rule-of-law institutions. My experiences with conflict, and reconciliation. My experiences with trauma stemming from abuse, on individual, group, and societal level.

It´s been a while that I am using internet media not only for my daily consumption of news, but also to communicate what I do, in my official capacities. There have been various over the last fifteen years of international work, within my thirty-eight years of a police career. The latest one: Look up #UNPOL on Twitter.

I am brimming with experiences and topics that I want to explore which can not be voiced through channels which are defined through my professional relationship to one organisation, currently the United Nations, before that the European Union, before that the United Nations, before that policing in Germany, or any of them.

My experiences and questions run deeper, are often very personal and intense. That’s why I am switching the light on in this blog.

Stay connected, link up, if you find it useful, spread through links.

But first and foremost, please contribute to discussions, if you feel like that. Enjoy reading.

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